Montaña del Señalo is situated within the new borders of the geological protected parque of Timanfaya. The borders of the Timanfaya Parque have been extended due to National Law and is including Pico Partido and most of the Montaña del Señalo.

This area is a result of  the eruptions end 1700 and is due to its protected status still very virgin . A lot of very special phenomenons can be observed and there evenseems  to be a geothermal spot somewhere in this area.

This is also the area where some fumeroles, smoke chimneys from a vulcano , can be found.

The deepest we explored is now – 27m. still having  an air drought at the bottom, but too tight to go on.

Pictures FUMAROL 1:
Pictures FUMAROL  above Fumarol 1:
Pictures FUMAROL 2:
Pictures FUMAROL 3:
Pictures FUMAROL 4:

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In this hidden section you also will find some extensive publications on these Fumaroles in Lanzarote