Around the Timanfaya National Park there are a lott of rumours, legends  and secrets. It is almost impossible to do any investigations in the park and we are still looking to find the right person to get our investigations done.

Even in this natural park you have to know what there is, and what should be protected.  As well as what can we learn from the phenomenons in the park which are indeed quite unique on our  planet Earth.

Here you will find only some information out of rumours and some publications which have been done from trips before the Timanfaya Park was closed off.

The so called 14km long cave in the park has been extended  to 17km. confirming to Miguel Caballero from Adventurelanzarote 


14km bajo tierra,
Lancelot Digital

    Cueva Covón / Chifletera
    Cueva Esqueleto / Paso