On these pages a description is given of some known mines on Lanzarote.  There are probably more than 100 on this island, from small to very small. Some probably started as a natural arch or cave , after that dug out for picon or just as barn or house to live in. Sometimes temporary for sheltering against the sun and rain and in other cases for permanent living.

Lanzarote has an archaeological history so you can imagine that some of these mines and/or buildings  have been used in such old times that we now  should protect these places as a place of special archaeological  interest. 

As it is not always clear if the so called mine is also a cave or the so called cave is also a mine we put the phenomenon in the inventory where it obviously belongs to.

Even mines which are called CUEVA like fi. Cueva de las Cabras in Haria are definitely a mined subterranean gallery so we put them in the inventory of the mines.


Special thanks  to Cristina Caraballo who visited the sites and took all pictures and films beneath.

Minas 1  above Prisa de Mala  :

Minas 2 above Prisa de Mala under Rincon Building:

Minas 3 above Prisa de Mala, used as houses/shelter:

Minas de Teneguime: