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Surveying and exploration 2017/2018


Surveying and exploration Januari 2019, on level -65m. by Gustavo David and his club members


Explorations December 2019 to -101m.  by Vulcan Vertical and Speleo Nederland

At a depth of -60 m the team of Gustavo managed to overcome the tight squeeze. Which was a definitive stop at that time. The squeeze is about  23- 25cm. wide and has a lenght of about 4m. So only for slim cavers. The way how to overcome this squeeze was by a lowering  and pulling system like they use in rescue techniques.  You cannot move your legs so climbing by yourself is nearly impossible.  So a pulley system was set up and 1 caver stayed at the upper part to get his colleagues out.
The cave becomes more narrow after that part.
At a level of -85 another small squeeze can be found which has to be overcome with the same pulley system. So at this point another caver has to stay at the top form the squeeze to get his companions out after they retreat.
The cave ends at -101m with a vast floor leading into south west direction into probably a small squeeze, impenetrable.  BUT still some draft can be felt. 
Some side pasages were explored on our return leading in tight ending slots mostly going upwards.
The cave consists of some nice gypsum phenomenons. 


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