On this page you will find all kinds of information which we collected in former years but also which is very new.

As scientists ask us frequently for using our surveys and pictures in their publications , we are quite up to date in “what is going on” on Lanzarote”

 Information request.

When you  got information  which we could use on this page or which we could add to one of our specific Cave pages, please contact us


  • Your information will be known to others and investigations will be collected  and NOT BEING LOST  for future.



Publications available for download: 

       Caves of Lanzarote
       by Carmen Smith 2015

     Cavers guide to the Lava
of Lanzarote
     by Carmen Smith

      Expedition internationale
      1986 au tunnel de l’Atlantida

   Tunel de d’Atlantida Y Jameos
   de Agua 2016 (Guido to
   anchialine Systems). Tambien
   podemos enviar en Español


Timanfaya National Park Permit Request

Catalogo Cavidades Lanzarote

Map of the Timanfaya park with
unpublished caves

Newsletter no 74 2019
UIS Commission on Volcanic Caves
Introduction of The Volcanic Cave
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