In the Malpaís de Maguez just on the border of the Malpaís de la Corona you can find some old lava tube systems. In the past described as Pyroclastic and artificial (mined) caves, which is totally wrong, these caves are really very interesting. Due to their age of about 90.000 years  old  you can find here very rare phenomenons in their original state, plus as they are frequently used as shelter and as barn in the past  it would not be very surprising when these are places of  archaeological interest.

The caves are having several synonymous names. Las Cuevas as the area and street are called, Cuevas de la Atalaya and Cuevas de Maguez.

The lava tubes are originated about  90.000 years ago  from several eruptions from the Vulcan  Los Helechos.

As you can see in the adjacent Tubo de la Corona , lavatubes are often repeatedly used as lavaduct/Pyroduct which you can observe inside the cave through the several layers on top of each other.

The biggest system which we explored and surveyed is called Cueva de Maguez and consists of 3 entrances in the field. This is also the most beautiful and demanding system from this area. The total length  is 773m. and its depth -21m.  The Cueva de Maguez has several artificial builded walls and flat floors. A grave can be found inside but the origin from this is unclear. Due to its location in a  agricultural landscape it is quite acceptable that this is a place of archaeological interest.

Due to conservation reasons further details are not  public.
For scientific studies a password can be obtained.

For password protected version click here: Topo from Cuevas de Maguez


Next you find some pictures from Cueva de Maguez (photo’s by: Lisette de Graauw and Laurens Smets)

Beside Cueva de Maguez , the main system, you also can find some other 3 smaller lava tubes. Originally these 4 caves  belong all to the same lavatube, but due to a collapse and by closing off some parts by artificial walls these 4 systems are  not connected anymore. Also these 3 small caves are more or less rebuild. Floors are cleaned and even, lots of builded walls, even kind of brick tables can be found. But originally a true lava tube , in the past used as barn or as refuge for  agricultural purpose. Probably of interest as archaeological site. The 3 caves are called Cueva Maguez/Martin, Cueva Maguez /B1 and Cueva Maguez/C1.


Next you find some pictures from the 3 Cueva Maguez lava tubes called Martin, B1 and C1 (photo’s by: Laurens Smets)