The Cuevas de Leti are named to the Lanzarotian Geologist who gave us the hint to have a look at this area near Caldera  Blanco.

Cave number 1 consists of a small entrance leading into a chamber like tube. The cave is situated in the middle of a lava riverbed, so the origin is quite clear. The length is nearly 10m. and the elevation is 5m.  The cave is situated near to the volcano which probably caused the reddish colored rocks inside.

Cave number 2 consists of 2 caves  which both are the result of an underground shortcut of a lava river, and are both situated in the middle of a lava riverbed.  The first cave has an obvious round shaped entrance leading into a lavatube. After 55m. this tube resurfaces again where after several meters the entrance pit from the second cave can be found. 2 dropholes from around 2m. depth lead here into a small tube  with a length of 14m. Colours from the rock and riverbed differs from yellow to reddish.

Due to conservation reasons further details are not  public.
For scientific studies a password can be obtained.

For password protected version click here: ⇒ Survey from Cuevas de Leti

Pictures from  Cueva de Leti number 1:


Pictures from Cueva de Leti number 2: