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La Cueva de Ana Viciosa is a historical cave. Probably a very small sea cave (eroded cavern) which has been closed of with rocks.
As the entrance from the cave is about 11,5m. higher up on a vertical slippery overhanging wall, you cannot  reach the cave  without  a ladder. People have been trying to bolt up the wall, but due to the nearby sea all hangers are totally rotten or  gone.
We tried to “abseil “from above and make a traverse into the cave. Due to lack of time we just got halfway. Bolts still in place.
The story is that Señora Ana Viciosa lived end of the 16th  and beginning of the 17th century. and sheltered in this cave for the pirats.
As we could pigeons are flying in and out of the entrance so it must be quite dusty in there after all those years.
It seems like there is a upper and a lower entrance hole.
At sealevel at the base of the rock formation there is another small cave shelter as is shown in the pictures beneath.

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Pictures and technical assistance: R.A. Nicholas