The Corona Lava Tube System  or Tubo del Corona is one of the longest lava tube systems on the Canary islands.  The system consists  of the largest lavatubes in the world, some measuring more than 20 x 30m. in diameter. How these extreme heights of these tubes could be  formed is still under investigation.

The most famous parts of the Corona cave system are Cueva de Los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua. The Túnel de l’Atlántida, which is the last part of the Corona Lava tube as it drops into the Ocean, is  the longest underwater lava tube in the world (1,9km.) !

The Corona lava tube can be devided in 3 areas:

1) The Jameos Arriba consisting of 3 Jameos de los Molinos and 6 Jameos de los Lajares. Between  Lajeros en Jameo de la Prendes there are at least 2 more big depressions (jameos ) without name.

2) The upper part consisting of Jameo de la Prendes, Jameo de la Gente, Jameos Cumplido, Jameo de la Puerta Falsa and Cueva de los Verdes with a total lenght of 6.631m. and a depth of -173m.

3) The lower part consisting of Cueva de los Siete Lagos, Jameos del Agua, and Túnel de l`Atlántida with a total lenght of 3.364m. and  a depth of -174m.

The total length of the upper and lower part together is 9.995m. and total depth is -273m. (exploration still going on!!).

The best known caves of the Corona Lava tube system are:

  • Jameo del Agua
  • Cueva de los Verdes
  • Túnel de l’Atlantida
  • Cueva de los Siete Lagos

When you click on the Google survey you a LIDAR based Survey from
Tommaso Santagata(VIGEA). Published with kindly permission of Geoparque  Lanzarote and Chinijo Islands.

All Jameos Arriba as well as Jameo Redondo are  investigated and surveyed.
Due to conservation reasons these are not published here!

if you wish to obtain more surveys or  a high quality

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On next page  you will find several downloads relating to “The Corona Lava Tube System”.

Next  are some  3D impression from VIGEA which can be found on Youtube:

Below pictures from the Febr. 2020 explorations

→download here: Expedition International 1986, Tunnel de l’Atlantida(French)

→download here: The Corona Lava Tube Geology and Biogeography. Springer 2009

→download here: Cueva de los Verdes 1965

→download here: Tubo del Corona: 3 D, LIDAR, 2019. EPSC

→download here: Cueva de Los Siete Lagos 2018

→download here: Anchialine System Jameo del Agua/Túnel de l’Atlantida (EN) 2016 (on request available in Spanisch language) 

→download here: morfologico de las cavidades vulcanicas desarrolladas en el malpais de La Corona_oct.1969_

→download here:  El túnel 2 y el Volcán de la Corona 2013, Vergara and C.Pena Muiño

→download here: Gypsum speleothems in lava tubes from Lanzarote  2019 by Pedro Huerta and others

→download here: Lanzarote and Chinijo Islands: An Anchialine UNESCO Global Geopark 2019, by Alejandro Martínez and others