As through the years a lot of investigations and reconnaissance has been done in Lanzarote. Some of this information has been lost already .  This website tries to fill in this gap, to overcome the problem in this time of enormous amounts of electronic information, to gather all available information at one place. Both  scientific research as well as reconnaissance  and information of just enthusiastic cave explorers.
These pages are all about  caves on Lanzarote. Volcanic underground  phenomenons which are accessible to human beings. In casu: Lava- flow-tubes, Pyroclastic caves, volcanic vent shafts, eruption shafts and former geijsir.
Enthusiastic cave explorers  are gathering this information and putting them on this website.

This website is compiled and privately financed by Laurens M.J. Smets from Speleo Nederland (The Netherlands), a cave explorer for more than 47 years. 

This inventory never could have been realized  without the enormous efforts from the “walking library”  Gustavo David Santana Gomez from Vulcan Vertical (Lanzarote) , Carmen Smith from the Craven Pothole club and Alex Curbelo. Beside this a lot of cavers and friends accompanied us on our surveying trips like Cristina Caraballo, Albert Neumann, Martin, Lars and Peter Smets  and the ones I forgot to mention over here

As most caves and volcanic phenomenons are within a geological protection program (UNESCO, National Park, etc)  and are protected by law , it is mostly not allowed to visit these caves.  For this reason for most caves you will not find their exact location and no coordinates are mentioned. 
In some cases a permit can be obtained from the appropriate institute. For contact view our LINK page.
All Information from caves in the National Timanfaya park are hidden under password protected pages. The Timanfaya park is a by law protected national park where entrance without permission is not allowed. 
We hope with this inventory we  can add some value on the work of  scientists and authorities with  their protection- and conservation programs  of these unique underground lava-cave features.
As Albert Einstein described this in a phrase:
“Setting an example is not the main way to influence others, it is the only way”
or in spanish:Dar ejemplo no es la principal forma de influir en los demás, es la única manera”
All surveys , drawings and photographs are protected by copyright and may NOT be published or presented on shows and/or exhibitions without written permission  from Laurens M.J. Smets.
If you want to obtain high quality surveys or pictures for publications reasons please contact us by filling in the CONTACT page 
All locations from entrances and survey data are known to us. When you  want to obtain coordinates or survey data for scientific reasons please let us know.
Due to protection and conservation reasons we only provide this information to official Institutes


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