All surveys , drawings and photographs are protected by copyright and may NOT be published or presented on shows and/or exhibitions without written permission  from Laurens M.J. Smets.


These pages are all about  caves on Lanzarote, part of the Canary islands. Volcanic underground  phenomenons which are accessible to human beings. In casu: Lava- flow-tubes, Pyroclastic caves, volcanic vent shafts, eruption shafts and former geijsir.

This inventory is a result from investigations and explorations  by volunteers and semi professionals who’s goal is to explore and describe the unknown subterranean natural cavities on planet earth. Not for sport but in the real sense of the definition of Speleology : the exploration and study of caves.

We hope  this inventory can add some value on the work of  scientists and authorities within  their protection- and conservation program of these unique underground lava-cave features.

“Lo que no se publica y se divulga, no existe”

which means What is not published and disclosed does not exist”


This website  is temporary closed due to the fact that it causes high frequent visits to protected caves. 

The aim of our project is to protect and conserve caves, not to cause damage to the environment.

Any ideas how to go on with this inventory , how to protect the cave environment against the public are very welcome.

The inventory project is still going on. The list of caves grows and grows and will reach easily the amount of 200 in near future with an estimated total length of nearly 40km.

Institutes and Federations are welcome to contact us with a proposal how to guard this inventory for the future in a closed  environment, in an archive available for investigators. Please contact us through:



List of most important caves of Lanzarote

Note: only common known caves are mentioned.
Due to environmental reasons all recent explorations are not mentioned in this list!!